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文学研究科 英文学専攻博士前期課程 授業担当教員

M.A. in Communications  New York University (NYU)  2003/05/15 
Ed.M. in International Education  Columbia University Teachers College  2007/02/14 




How should we teach diverse students? Cross-cultural comparison of diversity issues in K-12 schools in Japan and the US. (査読付)  International Journal of Multicultural Multireligious Studies  学術雑誌  単著  2/ 1, 1-13  2016/12         
Overview of the major researches on TOEIC tests in university English curricula  Kobe College studies  大学・研究所紀要  単著  63/ 2, 89-100  2016/02         
Can Critical Race Pedagogy break through the perpetuation of racial inequity?: Exploring what is behind the structural racism and potential intervention.(査読付)  International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology,  学術雑誌  単著  7/ 12, 254-260  2015/12         
How to teach listening?: The impact of rapid oral reading and repeating practices on TOEIC listening score.(査読付)  International Journal of Language Education and Technology  学術雑誌  単著  3/ 3, 234-241  2015/12         
What is the most effective approach to improve students’ TOEIC scores?: Comparing and analyzing TOEIC scores of students taking weekly study sessions and those taking one-day and/or one-week intensive TOEIC study sessions.  Kobe College Studies  大学・研究所紀要  単著  62/ 2, 179-188  2015/12         

学会発表  Do overlapping and repeating practices help students develop better English listening skills?: Exploring the interview data and recorded shadowing data to explore the factors that best help students improve English listening skills.  The 16th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education  2018/01/04   
学会発表  Can teachers help students cope with ‘Action plan for educating global citizens’ policy?: Exploring potentials of new listening pedagogy in EFL classrooms.  2017 Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy & Planning Conference  2017/08/25   
学会発表  How does the "Action plan for educating global citizens" affect college English classrooms?  2017 Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy & Planning Conference  2017/08/24   
学会発表  How motivation matters? Exploring student motivation in second language learning and its influence on their performance on the TOEIC test  The 15th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education  2017/01/03   
学会発表  How to teach listening?: The impacts of rapid oral reading and repeating practices on listening skills  The 12th Annual CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching  2016/02/20